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  • Scrapbook Fridays: Roadside Edition

    CCE explores more old postcards and takes a virtual road trip to old roadside stores, bars, and motels of the Keweenaw.

  • Ye Ole Swimming Hole

    CCE takes a look at what remains of a long lost Copper Country riverside park...

  • The Parks of Cliff Drive

    We stop by the WPA -era roadside parks found at both ends of Cliff Drive and explore their curious mix of the rustic and the formal.

  • The C&H Bathhouse

    CCE explores the old C&H Bathhouse as it once was and as it is today.

  • Scrapbook Fridays: Rails New and Old Edition

    We dip into the CCE mailbag to showcase some rail images of the Copper Country both new and old.

  • Ten Years a Ruin

    CCE takes a trip through the time tunnel to see how well the Q&TL has faired since our first exploration of the old railroad a decade ago.

  • The Old Mill In the Woods

    CCE takes a look at the remains of the Conglomerate Mill, more commonly known as the Lac La Belle Mill

  • More Than Just a Pretty Face

    We take a modern day look at the beauty and wonder of the Lac La Belle region in search of clues to her more industrious side.

  • Best Laid Plans of Mines and Men

    CCE explores the convoluted history of Lac La Belle, and the Copper Empire's never-ending quest to transform it into the region's premier industrial port.

  • It Stands Alone

    We explore the last remaining wood-framed school house in the old metropolis of Red Jacket - the old Lincoln School of Blue Jacket.

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    Building a Hoist Foundation

    We have seen a great deal of hoist foundation remains in our travels. As is the case with most copper mining infrastructure, they all tend to follow a similar design. The hoist we found at Trimountain was no different, complete with threaded rods and red brick. But what Trimountain offered ...

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    Down by the Docks (p2) – The M. Van Orden Company

    Most people know it simply as “Chutes and Ladders”, a massive mountain of slides and stairways overlooking the Portage on Houghton’s west side. The park’s official name is Kestner Waterfront Park, a large green space that besides the playground also features a swimming beach, large pavilion and a long fishing ...

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    A Mineral Range Oil House

    The Mineral Range Railroad began its life in 1873 as a short 14 mile line connecting Hancock and Calumet. In this original configuration the majority of the railroad’s surface structures were located in Hancock, including its locomotive house and machine shops. But over the years the line expanded to cover ...

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    When Trestles Collide

    Having found ourselves the remains of a rather expansive rail bridge in the middle of the woods, we looked for the next logical piece of the puzzle: the rail line itself. Following along with the towering concrete pedestals above our heads, we moved southward and found ourselves scaling a rather ...

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    Anatomy of a Mill (Rock Bins)

    The first stop for any rock entering a Copper Country stamp mill is one of several large storage bins that sit up and behind the mill’s stamp batteries. Since the rock will be transported through the mill primarily by gravity, these bins sit at the highest point of the mill ...

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