Lac La Belle

    Jackson’s Park

    John Jackson was a Copper Country native, born in the booming mining town of Mohawk in 1901. After obtaining degrees in both Mining and Civil engineering at the Michigan College of Mines, Mr. Jackson went into the employ of unsurprisingly the Mohawk Mining Company. After the mine’s closure at the dawn of the Great Depression John acquired the position of Civil Engineer for the WPA in Keweenaw and Baraga Counties, and as such was involved with some of the region’s most prolific public projects including Brockway Mountain Drive and the scenic Superior fronting Lake Shore Drive connecting Copper Harbor to Eagle Harbor (current day M26). After the war Mr. Jackson returned to the Copper Country, this time offering his civil engineering services to the Keweenaw Country road commission. In the mid 1960s he became County Engineer, during which time he partially responsible for the construction of yet another scenic drive – “South Shore Drive”. Known today as the Gay-Lac La Belle Road, this shoreline hugging roadway opened up what had previously been nothing but empty wilderness along the Keweenaw’s south-eastern flank. In addition to the road itself, several roadside parks were also established along the route to help draw tourists…