• The Legacy of James Dee

    We explore a monument to one of Houghton's most influential residents, the towering Dee Block at the foot of Isle Royale Street.

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  • More Hoist Views

    More Hoist Views

    As we have seen time and time again, copper country engine houses and the foundations that remain share very similar. Looking at what remains at the No. 4 hoist today, we can clearly see evidence of the hoist engine that once sat on top of it. The “H” shape so ... Read More »
  • Inside the Union Building (p5)

    Inside the Union Building (p5)

    The Union Building was built primarily as a shared meeting space for many of Calumet’s fraternal organizations, specifically the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Free and Accepted Masons. But those organizations needed to pay the rent, and they did so by renting out the building’s lower floor to ... Read More »
  • Along the Wash Floor (p1)

    Along the Wash Floor (p1)

    Stepping down from the Centennial Mill’s terraced levels we found ourselves overlooking a vast field of concrete, foundations, and a scattering of trees. The surreal landscape we were looking at was once a bustling facility overcrowded with jigs, launders, mineral cars, and wash tables. Today only the faintest remnants of ... Read More »
  • A Walk For the Angels

    A Walk For the Angels

    After being neutralized at the Store House, the nitro had to be then sent on to the Mix House, where it was mixed with the “dope” to form the gelatinous filler for the dynamite sticks. This was by far the most dangerous job at Atlas, as the smallest of bumps ... Read More »
  • The Revolution in the Valley

    The Revolution in the Valley

    The Keweenaw Peninsula garnered its name from the native population who referred to the long finger of land as “Kee-wi-wai-non- ing”, roughly translated as the “place where portage is made”. Those early people would forgo traveling around the long finger of land in favor of a direct route straight through ... Read More »
  • Delaware: A Site Tour (p3)

    Delaware: A Site Tour (p3)

    We finish up our series examining the Delaware / Conglomerate Mine’s landscape with a look at some of the odd’s and ends scattered across the area… So far we’ve focused in on six main areas of the Delaware / Conglomerate Mine’s landscape. These included the old Delaware Mine, the Conglomerate ... Read More »