“It was one of these boiler dams that we thought we had discovered last year on a late fall excursion to Phoenix. More correctly I should say we discovered the remains of such a dam, as it was no longer impounding any water. Today the structure was simply a series of timbers set into a square along the bank of the Eagle River’s East Branch. Only a few feet upstream from the current M26 railroad bridge, we were able to get a good look from the road. Intrigued we climbed down for a closer look.”

The Phoenix School


The sign alongside the highway proudly declares you’ve arrived to the town of Phoenix, as you’re welcomed by a quaint country church and a small general store across the street. Yet don’t let its diminutive scope deceive you, as the ... More »

A Phoenix Dam?


I have done several posts here on CCE about a copper mine’s biological needs, namely a hunger for large quantities of coal and a thirst for an almost equal amount of water. This was due to a mines reliance on ... More »

The Phoenix Church


Built in 1858 at nearby Cliffton, the Saint Mary’s Church served the Catholic people of Cliff and Eagle River for almost 50 years before it’s continued existence was threatened with the mines closure. Understanding the need for a Catholic Church ... More »