Quincy Mine

One of the most celebrated and successful mines along the Keweenaw was “old reliable” atop Quincy hill. For almost a century and a half the mine produced 1.5 billion pounds of copper and paid its shareholders over 30 million dollars in dividends. But the mine’s reputation today ignores its very precarious and troubled beginnings. While the mine was established in 1846 – one of the Keweenaw’s earliest – it wouldn’t make a profit or pay a single dividend until almost 20 years later. Its early troubles stemmed from the lode Quincy first worked – the stubborn Quincy Lode. Although initially promising, the lode proved to be nothing but and mired the company in failure for decades. It wasn’t until the highly rich Pewabic lode was discovered nearby (around 1857) that the mine began to show promise. The rest is history.


The Quincy Dry House

CCE takes another look at the remains of the Quincy Mine's old dry house - now in HD.
Quincy Mine

The House of Three Faces

The Pewabic Mine’s legacy is forever memorialized by the great copper bearing lode that shares its name. Unfortunately the young…