Osceola Mine

The Osceola Mine was an attempt to pillage the southern extension of the Calumet Conglomerate Lode which C&H had so profitably exploited for itself. Unfortunately the section of the lode along the Osceola property was extremely poor. As luck would have it, however, the company discovered another lode nearby that proved to be almost equally valuable. This lode was the Osceola Amygdaloid and it would end up securing the Osceola’s place as one of the most successful mines in the Copper Country.

The Osceola’s great success, however, would be forever marred by the largest mining disaster ever to strike the Copper Country. It was a September morning in 1895 when fire broke out underground along the 27th level. The fire spread quickly and soon make its way up the wood-lined No. 3 shaft. The word went out to evacuate the mine but most miners ignored the warning. They felt that the chance of the fire spreading outside of the framed shaft was low and as the No. 3 was an up-cast shaft smoke from the fire would be drawn harmlessly out of the mine.

Unfortunately the heavy smoke managed to make its way through drifts and stopes to the nearby No. 4 shaft – which was downcast. Smoke from the fire was drawn back down into the mine and quickly overcame all those who stayed behind. In the end, 30 workers lost their lives, including four boys and a mine captain.


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