North American Mine

We had passed by it at least a dozen times during our explorations – yet never saw it. We almost didn’t see it this time either, if I hadn’t of been looking in it’s direction. It sat along the main trail up to the top of Cliffs, where we had shot numerous panoramic over the seasons. We had crossed the same spot in the spring, summer, fall, and now the winter. It was now, in the middle of winter, that we finally noticed it.

I wasn’t sure what it was at first, I just knew that something looked odd. It looked like any of the many evergreen tree’s which surrounded it, even down to the puffs of snow clinging to its branches. Only they weren’t branches – they were rocks. Rocks which were piled straight up into the air, as tall as he rest of the trees. My suspicions were confirmed as we journeyed into the woods for a closer look. The tree was in fact a smokestack. We had found another ruin.



hidden in the trees, another ruin to discover We had passed by it at least a dozen times during our…

Hidden (p2)

Standing next to the smokestack sat another centuries old ruin – this one the boiler house that once fed it…