With the massive success of the C&H Mine atop the highly copper-rich Calumet Conglomerate Lode, mine companies quickly migrated to the area in hopes to tap into the lodes outer extensions. Though several mines found the Calumet Conglomerate Lode, it became clear that the lode’s richness was concentrated only under C&H property. Outside of that the lode frustratingly ran dry. But success would soon follow for those companies that persisted – with the discovery of the nearby Kearsarge Amygdaloid Lode in 1881.

The first mine to strike it rich along the Kearsarge Amygdaloid was its namesake – the Kearsarge Mine. That mine was soon followed by a second to its south – the Wolverine Mine. The Kearsarge Mine established a small town near its property to house its workers, as did its neighbor to the south. As these two mining locations grew they merged together into one large town complete with school, stores, and a interurban railway station. Today the town is known more commonly as Kearsarge – after the Kearsarge Mine.