Clark Mill

The Mill that Clark Built


It was a mine that had difficulty just getting off the ground. The Clark Mine began at the dawn of the Keweenaw’s original copper rush, around 1853. Before any work could be done, however, the first owner went bankrupt and the property went up for sale. In 1858 the French …

A Return to the Manganese Dam


South of Copper Harbor can be found the idyllic waters of Lake Manganese, a small jewel of a lake nestled in the cradle of the surrounding hills. The lake’s geologic name is inspired by the neighboring Manganese Mine, the only mine of its type to be found in the region. …

Dumping Ground

Some people don't seem to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of ruins. These people consider such decaying monuments to our industrial past an "eyesore". As such people don't tend to respect those ruins as much as their own backyards, and use such sites to dispose of other things that they no longer have any use for. This must be the reason why almost any ruin site we come across is undoubtably partnered with a makeshift dumping ground where all types of trash can be found. Washing machines, refrigerators, old cars, televisions, electrical equipment and cans - lots and lots of cans - are just a few of the expected treats we find. Last week a trip to Copper Harbor uncovered yet another one of these old dump sites, and I took some pictures for prosperity.