smeltercoverHDThe Quincy Smelting Works is the last of the last, a lone remnant of a vast industrial landscape that once lined the Portage Waterway for miles. Like her shoreline brethren, the Quincy complex existed solely to serve its copper masters, and when the copper empire died she died along with it. As time marched forward the sprawling industrial ruins around her were sacrificed to the region’s new master – tourism. The shoreline on which smelters, foundries, warehouses, and coal docks once stood were transformed to parks, boardwalks, and rows of townhouses. But through it all the Quincy smelter remained. Though battered and bruised and showing her age, the old gal continues to remind us all of the copper country’s rich industrial heritage that still can be found along its shores.

The Quincy Smelting Works Field Guide takes you on an exlusive tour of the seldom seen complex, building by building, both inside and out. A total of  70 structures are featured within its 100+ pages, including the massive furnace and cupola buildings along with auxiliary structures such as the machine shop and assay office. Additionally the guide features dozens  of Victorian age equipment still found inside – steam engines, boilers, furnaces, and other pieces of smelting equipment rarely seen today.  (107 pages, 5.5″x8.5″, 24MB)

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Each Copper Country Explorer Field Guide is available in two formats, both as a ePub digital download and as a full-color printed paperback. The ePub versions have been designed specifically for use on small-screen mobile devices, allowing them to be easily used while on-the-go on your phone or tablet. The printed versions are trade paperback size (5.5″ x 8.5″), printed in full color with perfect bound binding. Choose your format of choice from the options below:


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