sandstonecoverHDWhile known for decades the beautiful sandstone cliffs along the Keweenaw’s south-east shore were relatively ignored until the 1870s when a man by the name of George Craig – a stone cutter and son of an English quarrier – saw their promise as a source of high quality building stone and opened a quarry of his own. A decade later a businessmen by the name of Henry Jacobs opened a second quarry nearby, establishing the town of Jacobsville in the process. The Jacob’s quarry was an incredible success and by the end of the century a half dozen quarries were in operation in the area – creating the Copper Country’s third largest industry in the proces

The stone mined in these quarries would be used throughout the midwest, in buildings as far away as New York and Chicago. Most of it, however, would stay local and end up in some of the Copper Country’s most impressive and iconic structures. These great buildings include soaring cathedrals, opulent homes, grand public buildings, and stately commercial blocks – most of which continue to grace the Keweenaw’s historic cities and villages still today.

The Copper Country Sandstone Field Guide takes you through a illustrated tour of this less celebrated but none-the-less important Keweenaw industry. It begins with a look at the ruins and remnants of the quarries themselves and communities that surrounded them including the old settlements of Craig, Jacobsville and White City. From there it takes a detailed look at the uses for all that sandstone, both as an architectural flourish and a general building material. More than 70 sandstone buildings are featured within the Guide’s 100+ pages along with a few less-known applications such as drinking fountains, property walls, and even headstones. (111 pages, 5.5″x8.5″, 19MB)

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