South Entry Light

Jacobsville |


With the increase in commerce to and from ports along the Portage and adjacent Torch Lake, it became necessary to improve the Portage River so that larger and newer freighters could utilize it. Part of these improvements included the construction of a half mile protective pier at the river’s mouth. The pier’s light was affixed to a wooden tower that sat atop a two-story concrete pedestal at the pier’s end. This original wood structure would be replaced in 1920 by a new fully automated light tower. With the completion of this new light, the adjacent Portage River Lighthouse at Jacobsville became obsolete and was decommissioned.


This new light consisted of a 31 foot steel octagonal tower placed atop the original light’s two story tiered concrete base.

Contemporary Use

Though the lighthouse’s original Fresnel Lens was removed, the light continues to mark the southern end of the Portage Canal and is an active aid to navigation.

Public Access

The lighthouse is government property and is not open to the public. It can be viewed from the adjacent pier or neighboring White City beach.


The South Entry Light sits at the end of a half-mile long concrete pier at the old resort town of White City. From Lake Linden, take Bootjack Road east out of town. Follow this road for 7.5 miles until arriving at the Dreamland Bar, and then turn left onto Upper Dreamland Road. Follow this road an additional 8.5 miles until you arrive at a “T” junction. Turn right and follow this road past the “seasonal road” sign until it ends. The lighthouse will be straight ahead.

Additional Information

A more thorough and detailed history of the South Entry Light can be found at Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light website.