Delaware Mine Warehouse

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Upon the Delaware Mine’s arrival to the Keweenaw – then known as the Northwest – the young mine found itself charting new and uncharted territory deep inside the peninsula’s interior, far from any established port or railway. The mine’s first priority was to establish supply lines from the nearest port, which manifested itself in a 5 mile long wagon road – today known as Delaware Short Cut Road – traversing across the peninsulas steep and rugged spine to Eagle Harbor. At one end of that road the mine built itself and dock, while at the other end it built itself a warehouse.


The Northwest’s warehouse was an impressive one and a half story stone building built with discarded mine rock. It sat at the far eastern end of the supply road from Eagle Harbor, near the Northwest’s main shaft. The building served many purposes, storing not only the mine’s provisions and supplies, but any copper it happened to recover as well. The old warehouse continued to serve this purpose for the next few decades, even as the mine that built it changed hands and names several times in the process. It was finally abandoned along with the rest of the old mine in the early 1900’s, though its masonry construction meant that it was able to outlive most of the Delaware’s other buildings and continues to stand still today.

Contemporary Use

The old warehouse continues to stand alongside Delaware Shortcut Road, though its roof and floors have since rotted away. A large opening has been smashed into the building’s north facade, yet its impressive gabled ends still stand.

Public Access

The Delaware warehouse sits on private property but can easily be viewed from the adjacent road.


Follow US41 north out of Houghton for 33 miles until arriving at the ghost town of Delaware. Turn left onto Delaware Mine road on the left, a road marked by the Delaware Mine tour sign. Follow this road up to the stop sign and proceed to turn left onto Delaware Shortcut Road. The warehouse will be immediately off to the left.