Cliff Hillside Cemetery (Protestant)

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The size and scope of the Cliff Mine is most clearly evident today by the fact that it supported two separate cemeteries, one for the area’s Catholics and another for the Protestants. The Protestant cemetery sits along the base of the Cliffs themselves, just east of the mine location. Established around 1852, this was the second cemetery to serve the community. The hardships of life in this northern wilderness are most evident here, as fading tombstones mark the passing of more then a half-dozen children – some only a few months old.

Contemporary Use

The Hillside cemetery is abandoned and hasn’t been used in nearly a century.

Public Access

The cemetery sits on property owned by the county, and it open to the public.


The Protestant cemetery at Cliff sits just to the east of the mine, up at the base of the steep cliffs along Cliff Road. From along US41 upon leaving Ahmeek turn left onto Cliff Drive at the large curve. Follow the road for 2.8 miles almost to its end. The trail to the cemetery is on the left along a two-track road marked with the “Cliff Cemetery” sign. Follow the road until it makes a sharp turn to the right. The trailhead will be on the left.