Albert Paine Memorial United Methodist Church

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The Copper Range Company – and the entire southern range for that matter – owes its existence primarily to two men – John Stanton and William Paine. The son of a mining engineer, John Stanton had mining in his blood as he arrived to the Keweenaw in search of copper treasures, involving himself in the development of several early mines including the Central and Wolverine. Upon the discovery of the Baltic Lode Stanton turned to wealthy Boston investors to fund his new endeavors south of the Portage. It would be William Paine that answered the call.

While Stanton might of had the mining sense to run a mine, Paine had the business sense to make it successful. Paine was a relatively self made man, starting his career as a clerk in a Boston Bank where he learned first-hand the inner workings of the financial world. He used this knowledge to co-found the brokerage firm Paine Webber & Company and in the process made himself extremely wealthy. It was this money that Paine helped Stanton fulfill his dream of a southern range empire.

As the Copper Range company prospered, Paine was responsible for the establishment of many of the southern range’s public institutions and buildings. The benefactor to most of these projects would be the town of Painesdale – named after William Paine himself. Here Paine set aside a large public square and erected a collection of fine public buildings within its midst. One of these was the Albert Paine Methodist Church.


Built in 1907, this Gothic styled church was named after Paine’s father, who was a Methodist pastor in Boston. The wood-framed building features a humble corner bell tower and is adorned with several large stained glass windows. It sits atop a rubble foundation and provides a commanding position atop a slight rise overlooking the courtyard ahead of it.

Contemporary Use

The Albert Paine Memorial Church continues to serve as an active church today, one of only two churches still operating within the old mining town.

Public Access

The Albert Paine Memorial church is open to the public for weekly worship services.


The church sits at the corner of Iroquois and Hulbert Streets in downtown Painesdale. From Houghton follow M26 south for about 9 miles – crossing through the towns of South Range and Trimountain in the process. Upon entering Painesdale continue for seven blocks before turning left onto Iroquois Street. The church will be one block up on the right.