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That Which Survives (p1)


For the most part copper mines along the Keweenaw erected very modest surface plants, directing most of their money into the actual work of mining. Surface improvements were often considered wasteful embellishments, especially by investors looking to get large returns on their money. Mining was were money could be made, …

Back to the Roundhouse


We return today to the Quincy & Torch Lake Roundhouse – at least what’s left of it. Since our last visit to the site over a year ago some more rehabilitation work has been undertaken on the structure. Along with a great deal of the other ruins at Quincy, the …

The Roundhouse


It was clear what we would find down “Roundhouse Road”. Every railroad will have one, used for the shelter, maintenance, and repair of locomotives. Essentially garages, these buildings got their name from their usual semi-circle – or round – footprint. Roundhouses would circle a central turntable, used to turn and …