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The Keweenaw peninsula extends nearly 70 miles out into Lake Superior, encompassing over a half million acres of land and featuring nearly a 140 miles of Lake Superior shoreline. Scattered across this vast landscape are several dozen small towns and communities connoted by hundreds of miles worth of roads and trails. To make sense of this massive region of land, we've put together a series of maps detailing the area's towns and major roads, along with the location of several hundred points of interest found along the way. Each map details a geographical region of the peninsula centralized around a specific town or location. Besides providing a general overview of the Keweenaw's vast resources, these maps can also be used to navigate the over 350 entries found in the guide, by simply clicking on the item of interest you would like to visit.

Houghton Region

Featuring the twin cities of Houghton and Hancock along with the northern reaches of the Keweenaw Waterway.

Calumet Region

Featuring the once sprawling metropolis of Calumet along with the mine towns of Kearsarge, Allouez, Ahmeek and the upper Traprock Valley.

Lake Linden Region

Featuring the mill towns of Lake Linden, Hubbell, Tamarack City and Dollar Bay along with the Dollar Peninsula.

South Range Region

Featuring the mining towns of Painesdale and Trimountain, outer Houghton, and the lumber-mill town of Chassell located on Pike Bay.

Redridge Region

Featuring the collection of Copper Range mill towns found along Lake Superior including Freda and Redridge.

Phoenix Region

Featuring the southern extension of the Cliff Range as well as the port town of Eagle River.

Central Region

Featuring the old mining town of Central, the port village of Eagle Harbor and the Gratiot Lake area.

Lac La Belle Region

Featuring the northern reaches of the Cliff Range along with the port town of Lac La Belle.

Copper Harbor Region

Featuring the old port town of Copper Harbor and the collection of adjacent fissure mines and locations.

Gay Region

Featuring the Keweenaw's east shore along with the mill town of Gay.

Jacobsville Region

Featuring the old sandstone quarries along the mouth of the Portage River along with the small town of Jacobsville.