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A Beach Alone

A Look at a Remote Public Beach on Grand Traverse Bay

The east shore of the Keweenaw might as well be a different planet, as much as most guests to the peninsula have any experience with it. Distant and largely devoid of man’s influence, this far flung shoreline enjoys a seclusion and isolation that can be very welcoming to those seeking relief from summer crowds. It also happens to provide a healthy helping of impressive Lake Superior views and rare sandy beaches. For those willing to take the long and arduous journey out to the eastern shore some rather incredible places await. One of the most impressive of these is the sprawling white sand beach found along Grand Traverse Bay. 

While a good portion of this sandy beach lies in private hands, a good portion has been set aside by the township to serve as a public park. Nestled along the mouth of a neighboring stream, the park sits along the short sandy bluff peppered with several picnic tables, grills, and fire pits. Besides the sandy beach itself, the park also features an impressive view out across the bay and shimmering waters of Lake Superior. Out in the distance once can even make out the towering stack once belonging to the now defunct Mohawk Stamp Mill. 

From Lake Linden, follow Bootjack Road east out of town for about 2 miles until you come to Rice Lake Road on the left. Follow this road for an additional 7.5 miles until you come to the lakeshore and the road makes a turn to the left. Turn right here instead onto Mink Farm Road – the park will be down on the left just a short distance.



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