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Jackson’s Park


John Jackson was a Copper Country native, born in the booming mining town of Mohawk in 1901. After obtaining degrees in both Mining and Civil engineering at the Michigan College of Mines, Mr. Jackson went into the employ of unsurprisingly the Mohawk Mining Company. After the mine’s closure at the …

The Lady in Red


In order for a business to survive it obviously needs customers with money to spend and an inclination for doing so. Yet in an era before the advent of modern marketing, social media, and page views, businesses had very limited options when it came to getting noticed.  Even more problematic …

A Rest for the Weary


Before the arrival of the railroad, travel across the sprawling mining lands of the Keweenaw was an arduous affair. For a time only a hodgepodge of trails and rough roads connected one mine to the next, most routes often impassible during the winter or spring months. It wasn’t until 1861 that …