Month: April 2017


Downtown Hancock (p2)

Quincy Street’s 100 block grew quickly, forming a dense commercial corridor early in Hancock’s history. Most of that was due…

Downtown Hancock (p1)

The Copper Empire hit its peak in the early 1910s, a time when employment and opportunity was at its greatest…

The Wright Block and Gartner’s Department Store

The First National Bank building at the corner of Quincy and Reservation was not the first home of the financial…

At the Crossroads

Hancock’s precarious perch along the steep slopes of Quincy Hill greatly constrained the young village’s original platt. As such the only…

The Scott Hotel

In 1906 the Copper Country was all grown up. As the new century dawned what was once nothing more then a…

The Quincy Ravine

The land on which the city of Hancock currently stands was once all owned by a young Quincy Mining Company,…