Month: October 2016

Rails and Roads

The Trestle Brothers

The Falls River is an aptly named ribbon of water which tumbles and cascades its way to Keweenaw Bay from…
CCE Notes

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Ten years is a long time. In such a span of time our planet has traveled over 5 billion miles through…

Scrapbook Fridays: Roadside Edition

Its Friday once again, and that means another Scrapbook Friday. This week we delve back into our old postcard collection,…

Ye Ole’ Swimmin Hole

As the old Copper Empire’s power and prestige began to wain in the 30s, a great deal of investment was…
Rails and Roads

The Parks of Cliff Drive

The road began its life as a mine access road, a rather narrow and rugged trail meandering its way from…

The C&H Bathhouse

It’s a rather unassuming structure, the squat brick building found at the corner of the US41 / M26 junction in…