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Each year at this time I reach out to my readers for their help. Around this time I write a post like this, an appeal for those that love this site to help insure its future. A common misconception about this site is that its created by a team of professionals, paid from a private benefactor or public funding. The truth is exactly the opposite. CCE is the work of just one person – me. No crack team of illustrators, photographers, researchers or writers. Just one person, a husband and father of two who in addition to creating all the content found on this site also holds down a full time job to help pay the bills. Its a work of love for me, something that I have always enjoyed doing from the beginning.

It seems like a million years ago when I first started this website, day one of what would become a eight year, 1200 post journey of exploration into the history and heritage of the Copper Country. Of course back then I had no idea the site would become as large or as popular as it has, nor did I fully understand the financial responsibility I would inherit. All those years ago hosting and bandwidth fees were negligible, readership was barely a dozen and only a few week’s of posts were stored on the server. Today the story is a bit different.

CCE’s yearly operating costs have now approached a thousand dollars, a cost that only increases as the site and its readership expands. Thanks to a hike in readership as of late, the site’s servers have been increasingly tasked and as a result the site has been crashing more then I would like. My host has politely suggested that I upgrade my services to insure my site stays up and running, a move that will only increase my costs further.

These hosting costs will never decrease, and more problematic these costs will continue in perpetuity. While I don’t plan on writing CCE forever, I do plan to keep it open and accessible to the public for as long as possible. This way future generations can explore the ruins and history of the Copper Country long after the ruins and remains featured on its pages have been erased from the landscape. The thousands in costs I have already paid to keep this site alive will be just a drop in the bucket to the tens of thousands I will have to pay for the rest of my life.

This is why I refer to support for this site as a way to “keep history alive”.  While supporting CCE won’t keep a building from being demolished or a ruin from rotting away, it will help keep the memory of those buildings and ruins alive. For all that has been lost in the last half century, even more will be gone a half century from today. The photos, maps, and drawings on this site will serve as a memorial to all that has been lost. While the physical ruins may be gone, future generations will forever more be able to come to this site and explore the great history and heritage of the Copper Country in the virtual world. Thus by helping to insure CCE stays on-line and accessible, you are actually helping to keep the Copper Country’s history alive – in the virtual world at least.

So one more time I ask directly to you – my readers -for their help. If you love this site and enjoy the work I do here, I humbly ask that you consider lending a hand of support. Here’s a few ways you can do just that…

Order a Copy of CCE’s Yearly Calendar

The easiest way you can do this is by pre-ordering yourself a copy or two of our yearly CCE calendar. Proceeds from each calendar go towards CCE’s yearly operating costs, with the sale of just 50 calendars paying for a full year of CCE’s operating costs. In addition to the soothing knowledge that you’ve help keep this site up and running, a order of the CCE calendar also provides you with a rather nice collection of impressive photographs showcasing the  Copper Country’s most iconic ruins and remnants as documenting by yours truly – me. It makes for a great gift and a great conversation piece, and when the year is done you can take the photos out and hang them in your home or office.

Shop On-Line Using Our Affiliate Links

It’s that time of the year again, when many of us get on line and order a few items for our family and loved ones. If you plan on doing the same, I suggest that you first click on one of our affiliated links found HERE. That way on-line retailers such as Amazon, Meijer, and Walmart send a small payment our way for everything you buy. It’s no cost to you, and as easy as clicking on a link!

Shop the CCE Store

In addition to the daily content of the site itself, I also am busy creating other Copper Country related items for you to enjoy. Over at the CCE Store you can find a few of these items, with more coming soon. If you haven’t already, consider getting yourself a digital or physical copy of the Copper Empire Historical Atlas, a great guide to all the ruins and mine sites found across the Keweenaw. There’s also our reader-aclaimed Field Guide series providing comprehensive historic guides to the towns and ruins of the Copper Country.

Make a Financial Contribution

If you prefer the more direct approach, I would suggest making a monetary contribution to the site using our PayPal donation button. Keep in mind that CCE is not a non-profit organization, and such a contribution will not be tax deductible. But if you love the work I do and want to directly contribute to its success, this is the quickest way to do just that.

So now I’ll end my plea. For all those who have purchased my calendars, or my books, or have contributed directly I want to thank you. Your generosity has insured this site’s survival for the past eight years and its continuance for years to come.  It’s always greatly appreciated, and makes me strive even harder to create the best content I can! You guys and gals are the best readers any web site could hope for!


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