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The Summer of ’69


Paul Meier has been exploring the Copper Country since before I was born, and before the concept of a “website” had even been considered. The Copper Empire that he documented looked a tad different then the one showcased on these pages, due mostly to the fact that the mines had …

In the Land of the Huron (p2)


The Huron Mine built its first mill around 1854, but it proved to be inadequate in properly serving the mine’s increased output. In 1865 a much larger and better equipped mill was constructed, at a site just down the road from the mine site itself. To provide the mill with …

In the Land of the Huron (p1)


It was near the dawn of the Copper Country – 1853 to be exact – that a string of mines took up shop atop the newly discovered Isle Royale Mine in hopes of striking it rich. Most of these early mines – including the first Isle Royale – were failures …