Month: October 2013


Making a Statement

Hancock’s original compliment of public schools were anchored by a large campus sitting in the heart of the city along…
CCE Notes

A Fall Road Trip

Lake Mine

Just A Few Foundations More

From the outside all we could make out was the four tall concrete walls, with nothing else to help us…
Lake Mine

A Walk Outside

After leaving the hoist house ruins we took another walk around the perimeter, this time looking for the cable stands…
Lake Mine

Atop the Foundation

After taking a walk around the old maintenance trenches surrounding the Lake Mine’s hoist house, it was time to tackle…
Lake Mine

Breaching the Walls

Leaving the boiler house remains behind, we take a short stroll down the sloping landscape towards that concrete wall we…
Lake Mine

Hot Gases and Ash

We featured a few of the more impressive structures remaining from the old Lake Mine in Ontonagon country already here…