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One Thousand

“If, a century ago, you were to leave Calumet for points further south you would hop a train at the Mineral Range Depot on Oak Street and ride the line south towards Hancock. After passing Swedetown on your right and traveling over a small lake, you would find yourself moving through the property of the Osceola Mine before turning south-west and heading into the wilderness. Thirty years since the last train passed through, we at Keweeanw Explorer find ourselves making the same trek – sans train of course.”

“A Train Depot”, July 2006, Post No.1

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and for Copper Country Explorer the words above are the first steps in what has became a seven year and thousand post journey. When I sat down at the computer all those posts ago I could hardly imagine the journey that awaited me, and would be surprised to know that I would come back to my computer day and day again for the next seven years. As I sit at the computer yet again today, I am doing so for the one thousandth time.

In those thousands posts I have typed over 750,000 words, featured over 12,000 photographs, and enticed over 6,000 comments from my readers. If CCE were a book, it would be a anthology over 3000 pages in length. It’s an endeavor of monumental proportions, and one that is difficult to fathom outside of the cyber-world. In an attempt to help my readers comprehend the size and scope of the work of this accomplishment I assembled a collection of photos featuring one image from each of CCE’s thousand posts and attempted to create a slideshow from the album. Unfortunately even at a second each the slideshow would last over a half hour. Then I considered putting all the images together in one post, but found out that such a post would stretch over 400 feet in height. It turns out the attempt to illustrate the sheer immensity of what 1000 posts really means itself was far too immense to realistically accomplish.

Yet such an event definitely needs some type of commemoration, so I’ve put together a collage of just a small selection of posts from the last thousands days, a quick look at some of the most interesting and iconic images featured here on CCE. While the collage is large, its only a fourth of the total number of images available – just to help keep it all in perspective.

In addition to the collage I’ve also put together a comprehensive list of each and every post I’ve written over the past seven years, a rather lengthy list that does a fair job itself of illustrating all the work that has gone into CCE over the years.

To view both the college or the master list, click on the images below. Enjoy!


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  1. Mike,

    After a thousand posts, I have to extend the most heartfelt thanks to you, stumbling on your website in the winter of 2007-2008 has proven to be an astonishing delight and a unique educational experience. As a native Michigander who only got to go to the peninsula as a child on family camping trips way back in the mid-sixties, this site has brought all of that back in an unexpected and wonderful way!

    With great respect and appreciation,


  2. wow, it seems like its been a lot longer.

    out of curiosity, you totally built the template for this blog on your own? (it’s been so long i can’t remember, haha).

    i ask because i am always toying with the idea of doing one of my own, and I kind of like the format of this site.

  3. To be fair the actual count would have been closer to 1100 by now, if I hadn’t went through and “cleaned out” non history related posts several years back.

    As far as the template, it is built from scratch by myself. Let me know if you want it for your own blog and I can get you the files. Or at least the CSS…

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