Month: April 2013


Scrapbook Friday: Great Building Edition

Nothing is a more popular subject on a postcard then a great building, and luckily for postcard manufacturers at the…
Lake Linden

St. Joseph’s School

It was 1881 when Lake Linden’s first parochial school began holding classes within the private home of Mrs. Pierre Pichette.…
Mass Mine

The Missing Link

We’ve managed to explore a great deal of ruins at the old Ogima shaft, otherwise known as the Mass C.…

Scrapbook Friday: Deepest in the World Edition

The process and procedure of copper mining was universal, all mines operated in the same manner and plundered the underground…
Mass Mine

The Basement

Just past the old boiler house remains we find ourselves looking out across a very unnatural looking piece of ground,…
Mass Mine

Stacks and Trenches

We return to the Chief, an old Ogima shaft more recently known as the Mass “C” shaft. We’ve featured the…