A Central House

Hidden away off the main road in the old ghost town of Central sits this interesting old home – one of hundreds that once graced the slopes of the hillside here. It seems in remarkably great shape, looking almost as if it was just built yesterday. We had stumbled across this old gal while snowshoeing several years back, exploring some ruins we found along the side of the road.

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  1. Spent a lot of time in Central in a camp run by Matt Fink and Ed Rozman and my dad. There were three hermits in Central, Jake Grahak, Connie Thompson, and John Fiace. These three never got along, basically never spoke to each other. The camp at first had oil lamps, wood stoves, an outhouse, and no running water. We had an old ice box which we filled by harvesting ice from the Meadow mine. There was also an old pump organ which was donated to the Central church. There were quite a few camps still in use in the 50’s The one just behind ours was owned by Uran, across the street by Bucket, and down the road by the Plutz brothers. A lot of the original miners plantings were still producing, including cherries, apples, plumes and horseradish roots. The strangest item left was an old coffin, the body enclosed and viewed thru a pane of glass.

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