Month: December 2012

Carp Mill

The Forgotten Boilers

There are many like it to be found scattered across the region, a mine of such promise and hope that…
Rails and Roads

The Arnold and Eagle Harbor Railroad

Before the arrival of the Keweenaw’s first common carrier railroads – the Mineral Range – the peninsula’s transportation heritage rested…
Rails and Roads

Silver Creek Culvert

While the Portage Lift Bridge may be particularly famous as a bridge of note, the Keweenaw Peninsula’s lack of wide…
Clark Mill

A Return to the Manganese Dam

South of Copper Harbor can be found the idyllic waters of Lake Manganese, a small jewel of a lake nestled…
CCE Notes

Thank You!


The Sandstone Station

Early automobiles actually had a rather healthy fuel economy, with the early Model T’s getting about 15-20 MPG and the…

The Reverberatory Trestle

For over 70 years the sprawling smelter complex along Portage Lake – otherwise known as the Quincy Smelting Works –…

A Central House

Hidden away off the main road in the old ghost town of Central sits this interesting old home – one…
Gratiot mine

Ruin in the Field

Lately we’ve briefly explored a bit of C&H’s more desperate times, with a look at one of its last great…