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After the Close…

If you travel far enough into the rugged wilderness of Ontonagon County between the town of Ontonagon and Porcupine Mountains State Park you'll come across a rather surreal site. Sitting miles from anywhere along a lonely stretch of road sits a suburban utopia of well manicured lawns and quant little ranch houses laid out along curving roads that casually move to and fro through the landscape. It's almost as if you've stepped back into time, visiting a surreal 1950's landscape straight out of Pleasentville (minus the black and white of course). Congratulations, you've discovered the old mining town of White Pine.

An Old Car in the Woods

If history is just a story of us told from the perspective of the victors, whose story does this old hulk tell? It resides neither in a museum or collector's garage, but instead sits at the bottom of a deep ravine neighboring an old mine site. Though gutted and stripped with its rusty frame left bare, this old vehicular contrivance stands tall and proud. It almost appears to still be sitting on the curb, waiting to transport its passengers to some far off destination. Only no passengers will ever arrive, and the rotting skeleton that remains has no place to go.

Houghton County’s Courthouse


Houghton County was first established in 1845, comprising at the time of almost the entirety of the Keweenaw peninsula. The county’s first seat of government was established at the centralized located port town of Eagle River, which thanks to the neighboring Cliff Mine was on the verge of becoming the …