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After a short hiatus, our weekly C&H News and Views issue is back for another issue from a half century ago. This particular sample comes to us from January of 1943, while the second great was in full swing. Making headlines this month was the proposed sinking of Allouez No.3, a new shaft located just to the west of New Allouez. The article mentions the surface plant would be recycled from dormant mines, and would be fully electrified. Buried deeper inside is something of a bit more interest, a small article detailing the work C&H was commencing for the Quincy Mining Company in regards to their new reclamation plant. Apparantly Quincy was unable or unwilling to build the plant themselves, and instead C&H was taking on the job. As was the norm during a war economy, most of the new plant was recycled from idle C&H infrastructure. Not only did C&H build the dredge to collect the Quincy’s tailings it also provided the regrinding mill itself and shore plant, most of which came from the closed Tamarack Reclamation plant in Tamarack city. (You can take a look at what remains of that facility HERE)

You can view the whole issue in PDF format below. Enjoy!

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  1. I’m having trouble using the link for the News and Views. There seems to be something overlapping the text on the page. Something on your end or mine??

  2. Let me guess, you guys are viewing this in IE :)

    I did some changes to the site last night which looked fine on Firefox and Safari but obviously messed stuff up for IE . I took out those changes so now everything should work (I hope)….

  3. Ya, it was better in Chrome and now okay in IE7.

    I heard there was a write up on Delaware in News and Views. Do you know which one and have you posted it yet? Plan to?

    Would love to see that as I continue my research on Delaware.

    Keep up the great work.

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