News & Views Thursdays – Delaware Edition

Last week I received a request for any News & Views that featured an article on the Delaware Mine, once that I’m honoring today. Unfortunately the article is very brief and features just a few very small and blurry images. But the edition in question – from November of 1945 – does feature an interesting update article on the happenings at various C&H shafts. Most interesting is that only four shafts are mentioned: Allouez No.3, Centennial No.2, Iroquois No.1, and Kearsarge No.4. I’m pretty sure that the Ahmeek No.3/4 was also in production at this time as well, along with exploration work done up at Central. But all in all that’s sure a far cry from the vast mine-scape we’ve been looking at in those high-res images.

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  1. Thanks! I thought I had heard of a News & Views with more information on Delaware, but that may not have been accurate. The pic of the shaft opening was one I had not seen before. It sort of looks like Shaft #3, but it could be one of the others that have been covered (#2 or the unnamed shaft between #2 and #3.)

    Thanks for this issue and keep up the good work!

  2. Jim… there still might be another one out there, its just I don’t have it. There is a rather lengthy article on the Central, so its possible that at some point there was a similar article on the Delaware.

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