News & Views Thursdays – Friday Edition

Due to some server issues beyond my control CCE was temporally out of service for the last couple of days. Because of that I was unable to post my weekly C&H News and Views on its regularly scheduled time. So instead I’m going to post it today, and save myself a post in the process. Today’s episode comes to us from 1947, which I’m sure was a lot like 1946. The biggest news of the day was the modernization of the Lake Linden Power Plant – a building that surprisingly continues to cling onto life (barely) still today. This issue also has a few interesting pics of Seneca No.2, otherwise known as the Gratiot Mine in current circles. Go ahead and check out the current issue below, but be forewarned its a large file! (and please only download once and save to your computer. Multiple downloads eat up my bandwidth usage and I don’t have a huge amount to spare!)

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  1. Thanks, Mike. I tried to download it on Saturday and got the error message. I spent a while watching the LED that tells me I have incoming data with nothing but an occasional blink. But downloading was successful and very quick today. I appreciate receiving the news!

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