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Todays News and Views brings us back to 1943 – a favorite year of mine apparently. This particular issue’s front page story deals with the sinking of the Allouez No.3 shaft, also know as the Allouez-Douglass shaft. (check out the ruins of the mine today HERE) Interestingly the shaft was begun in the middle of winter, which seems a bit desperate to me. But I suppose the war doesn’t wait. Speaking of which, make sure to note the dig at the axis powers at the end of the article. In addition to the Allouez, the newsletter also touches on the construction of the Quincy Reclamation Plant’s dredge, which is now sunk in the middle of Torch Lake.

Download the whole thing and take a read for yourself by clicking gone the image below.

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  1. Cool as ever. I’m amused at the “Traxcavator”… not quite the same as naming your engine house the “Superior”, but ok!

    Do you have any old News & Views from outside of the war years? It would be interesting to see the contrast!

  2. They go up to 1948 or 1949, although I still have to run them through the scanner. Mike has some from after the war years though.

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