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A Change In Format…

With the start of CCE’s fifth year comes a few changes to my long standing format. Lately its become clear that my daily posting here on CCE takes up a great deal of my free time, a bit too much in fact. Typical postings for me usually involve several hours of research, an hour or so of photo editing, and another hour for writing. In the end I usually spend a good four hours each day just to keep CCE running – and that doesn’t include answering emails and comments. Schedule in a typical 40 hour work week and I’m left with very little time to work on the various other projects I’m hoping to get done before too long (namely a certain historical atlas and ruinology book to name just two).

The easiest solution to this problem is one I’ve actually instituted in the past – dropping CCE’s posting schedule down from five days a week to three. But such a solution presents its own problems, most worrisome of which is the diminished flow of traffic that would result. So instead I’ve come up with a completely new solution, one that will enable me to get some much needed free time while keeping CCE up and running five days a week. But its a solution that requires a great deal of help from you – my readers. Specifically I want you guys to do some of the postings for me – in the form of more Copper Country Scrapbook posts.

Copper Country Scrapbook is a series of posts in which I publish photos and musings sent to me by me readers. In the past these posts have consisted mostly of photos, but as of late I’ve been getting a great deal more archival types of materials – maps, drawings, newsletters – that provide a greater understanding of the mines and towns I explore each day. These are materials that I think everyone that reads this site would get benefit from and enjoy seeing for themselves. In that spirt of sharing I will be creating a series of pages on which these archival materials can be browsed and accessed. (Consider them my own personal library – available for everyone to use!) These archival items will include photos, maps, drawings, illustrations, newsletters, blueprints, google book links – anything CC History related that I’ve been given permission to post or exists in the public domain.

I won’t be creating this new library all at once, however. Instead I’ll add material in bits and pieces, gradually building up the scrapbook week after week. Each time I add something I’ll write a small post showcasing what’s new and give my own impressions. My plans are to add items twice a week – on Tuesday’s and Thursdays. I’ll continue to post explorations and articles on the other three days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), but now I’ll interspace those more difficult posts with a pair of these Scrapbook posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This way I have less work to do each week, and you guys get the added benefit of cool new things everyday! Hopefully it’ll be a win for everyone and I can finally get some work done on all those other projects!

I’ll kick off the new format change this Thursday, so stay tuned!

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  1. Sounds fine to me. You’ll be posting lots of stuff that I’m interested in!

    BTW, as far as photos, I’ve got plenty which you could use if you need more scrapbook materials!

  2. As always, Mike, I appreciate all the effort you put into maintaining this site. We may grouse a bit if our “daily” CCE fix doesn’t arrive on time, but seriously, we’ll take whatever content you can deliver on whatever schedule you can manage. Keeping food on the table and spending time with family is more important than any web site could ever be. Thanks again!

    I like the idea of expanding the scrapbook concept. The ones posted here in the past have been interesting, and there have been some great postings over on CC Forum by various folk. I just wish I had more to contribute. Back in my college days when I was UP there exploring, I took very few pictures, and I don’t own much in the way of research materials. And since my trips UP north are few and far between, my opportunities for new explorations are rare. But kudos to all those who can contribute!

  3. This is a good opportunity to get off my bum and write a few for you… I have been meaning to do it but with the new Kiddo my life has been hectic. All excuses aside, let me know if you need any help and I will do my best!

  4. Mike, Thank you for all of your work on the site. I’m looking forward to the scrapbook too! I know that there are many of your loyal readers who’ll have contributions to those pages.

  5. I sure appreciate all the time you put into this site! I’d be happy to write up some material, though since I’ve only been to places already explored here they would have to be more about smaller details. Thanks again!

  6. I’d be more than willing to pitch in when I can. Like most here, I can’t make it to the Copper Country very often, but if you need help with photo editing I’d be happy to help. Ive been coming here long enough to know what you like as far as pictures go. ;)

  7. I think this is a Great Idea. I know how hard it is to balance our passion’s and the real world. Many times, my “Hobbies” have taken control of my time and left my family life and duties wanting. Your Idea of Reader Contribution is great in many ways, first it gives you a break to take pressious time to spead with your family and time to do your duty as a family man, secound it will allow all of us readers to help contribute to CCE after years of enjoying the fruits of your labor and those other who have made contributions. I want to personally say I truly believe that you have enriched many lives with your tireless dedication to keep CCE interesting and extremely valued way for those of us who are trapped in our lives unable to learn and see, what Im sure that all of us would agree to be a consider a dream come true. I want to thank you personally for all your hard work, and what you ask of us loyal followers is not in any way unreasonable, its time we give back and help releave you of some of the burden. Thank You for so many years of dedication to share with the world, your hard work, extreme knowledge and dedication research to make CCE the best “Copper Country ” Information site on the internet.

  8. I see you mention the writing of a book (s), as one of your reasons for the needed time away from “CCE”.
    I wrote a post a while back making a suggestion on you writing a book. With all of the great articles you have done for “CCE” and your great Pictures and Photoshop work, and Research, if you were to write a book putting “Just” the information, photo’s and your personal experences and what you have witnessed over the years, and maybe adding writings that have not made the web site, into a book……Sign me up!!!! Ill be the first person in line to purchase a copy, and Im sure, Im not the only reader here with the same feelings about a book of your explorations!

    If you decide to writing a book or books, “May the Good Lord give you the Strength and Perseverance” to complete such Task.

    I made a statement in a post a while ago, about the possiblity of a book from “CCE”, You may not realize by creating a book, you will inrich so many lives with your knowledge of the “CC” ,for those interested in its history today and for future generations. I also mentioned how a book written by you, would be a personal and lasting monumet of all of your hard work and passion, sharing with all of us here on “CCE” your love of the “CC” over the years, and even if only a handful of books were sold (this I highly doubt) your photo work of the “CC” would be the most valuble source of information and like I said “Once Published” its there for everyone to read.
    Mother Nature is reclaiming valuebale evidence of the past and the structures of a great metropolis and the foot prints of thousands people who made up the great copper boom of Michigan over 150 years ago. Many of the places I remember from just 40 years ago are long gone, just emagine in another 40 years what will be left to tell the story of the “CC” and an era of such historical importance in the creation of this great country.
    A compiling of just the photo’s from “CCE” (those from the “CCE” site and those submitted by viewers) with the addition of an accurate narrative of the way of life in the “Mining Day’s of long gone, would be priceless to future genorations. Just like here on this site.
    I know that to get a book published today can be done much easier than years ago with the use of sites on the web, but it would still be a huge undertaking. But Im sure that “CCE” followers and the members of the few other related “CC” sites and students at MTU, a book of this type would almost sell it self.
    I believe I have in my own library just about every book written on the “CC” , most are good, but few have both, good photos and a good narrative, most have one or the other. Many are well written, with others with great maps and pictures.
    All to often “History” books contain more text than photo’s, I find Good History Books have a balance of both. As I mentioned earlier, to create such a writing of just the info on “CCE” would be no easy task, plus would probably result in more than just one book.
    I love “Coffee Table” Style books, imagineif you can, the info and text within “CCE” in this type of format, a Large book with High Quality Pictures and chapters on each subject that include reader input from the (Comments Section) added into the narrative to add that extra layer of personal views or experences. Imagine this large book with all of the great panoramic photos from the “CCE” web site in a Large Book!

    I maybe dreaming, but again “I Never thought there would be a Web Site like “CCE”. I have learned more, and have had so many great visual experence’s of the History of Michigans Keweenaw Pennisula that without “Copper Country Explorer” these experences would never had been possible, or would I have been able to find the long gone locations I have explored, due to this site.

    Sorry, for running on, just my thoughts. Thanks for this Great Site!

  9. Thanks Tim for such great words of encouragement and compliment – its very much appreciated and succeeded in substantially brightening up my week!

    As far as those book ideas, good stuff to be sure. Presently I’m trying to put together a ruinology book that will help other explorers identify the various types of ruins they might come across out in the wild. The other book is the second edition of my historical atlas, this time showcasing the region north of Mohawk.

  10. Thanks Jay for the offer. I’ll keep that in mind in the future. (though to be fair the photo part of the job is the part I like the most. Its the writing and research that’s more daunting!)

  11. Your Welcome,

    I will be interested in your Historical Atlas of Northern Mohawk.
    My Uncle was Born in Mohawk and He and my Aunt currently live in Fulton.

    When I was a young man, I loved to explore the old Mohawk Mines. Most of the buildings and the poor rock piles are gone now, but I still have great memories of finding copper and pictures my Mom took.

    The one building still kind of standing, was the “Bloody Bucket Bar”. When I was a kid, The “Grown Up’s” would stop there for drinks. (Im a Finn) I remember playing shuffleboard and eating chips and soda. I read some where that the bar is really the basement of the Finnish Center that had burndown. I also read and my cousin remembers it had 4 bowling lanes, that they took apart and used the lanes for a Bar Top. Im not sure if this is right,but I do remember the bar.
    There was also a school on the corner, where the brick wall still stands and a small store at the turn in the road heading to Gay. I loved going there, I would get candy and BB’s for my BB Rifle.
    Those were the days.
    If I had known then what I know now, I would have taken more photo’s of the mines instead of the family at different places. I have some 8mm film without sound I took in the late 70’s Im going to have it transfered to DVD. The movies have parts of most of the towns and local attractions.

    I remember so many buildings and train tracks and other cool buildings me and my buddy’s would explore. There all gone now. Im suprised that one of us had not been hurt or fell into a mine. I remeber the little girl who feel into a shaft.

    My Aunt has a picture on her wall in Fulton that was taken when the Mine was in operation. It was taken frome the porch looking north, I was suprised that there was a large lake across the road, my Uncle said it was a cooling pond. When I was a Kid it was just a small pond with a creek. Again, its gone now.

    Good Luck, with your projects.

  12. I forgot to mention, if your interested in old photos, I too would love to contribute.

    Most of my Family, both my Mother and Father’s side are from the CC. My Fathers, Father was born in Houghton in 1904. My Mothers Father was born in Rockland in 1899. I have manyy relatives still living in the CC. My Mother was born in a house in Copper City, and its still a home. In fact, the Ceder Siding that my Grandfather installed on the home in 1942 is still intact and the home is still the same, with the exception of the porch being enclosed. The stairs to the porch are still intact, I had taken photo’s in 2009 and compared them with ones taken in 1943. I wanted to buy it. but the owner would not sell.

    Well again if your interested in pictures, let me know. Also let me know what type of photo’s you could use. ie; panorama, or of local attractions.

    Good Luck

  13. wow, mike you sure are pretty dedicated to this site…lol
    almost insanely so :D

    i dont have a blog but i make similar posts of my exploration related activities on a private forum i belong to. basically they have to wait until i get around to posting soemthing in order to read it–i keep no posting schedule! lol :D

    i must say i much appreciate your dedication to this blog.

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