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Happy Birthday to CCE – with Video!

The first photo on CCE, published on July 31 2006

Today marks the third anniversary of CCE, which had its first post on this date back in 2006. On such an occasion as this I always like to show my appreciation to you – my readers. I don’t have a great deal of mass appeal here at CCE, but that’s made up easily by the outstanding group of regular readers that I do have that makes this all worth it in the end. Today CCE boasts over a hundred readers a day, with a solid following (that returns day after day) of over 50. While I appreciate all my readers, it’s these dedicated few that I want to take the time to thank on this occasion. Over the last three years I have appreciated all the comments, discussion, corrections, nit-picks, contributions, support, and help you guys (and gals) have provided me. It is you that have made CCE what it is today, and it is you that will continue to help it grow in the future. For that I thank each and every one of you. I consider you all not just my dedicated readers, but my friends as well.

Of course what birthday wouldn’t be complete without presents – and I’ve got a few to share. In the beginning CCE was shot entirely using a camcorder (photos and all), and because of this a great deal of video was shot of our explorations. In fact in total I have more than a dozen hours of video documenting many of the old mine sites and ruins we have seen here on CCE. During our site redesign here on CCE many of those video’s were removed. Well, now I’m happy to report that they’re back – thanks to YouTube that is.

Today we’re finally launching the CCE video channel on YouTube, where you can view all the short videos the site had once featured. Most of you might not even remember these videos, but some of you will. For those that don’t remember, I’ve put together a little list of my top five – to help you in your viewing decisions. In no particular order then….

During my first foray out to the sites most popular exploration site – the Redridge Dam – I shot this video of both the steel dam and the falls tumbling over the old wood dam.

In one of our first explorations we took a walk down the old Q&TL grade up along Quincy Hill (hauling my five year old son in a wagon no less). By pure chance we were able to catch the new Q&TL cog wheel train as it made its way down the hill towards the Quincy Adit.

Granted this has nothing to do with Copper Country Mines, but its a great video for those who like to do some boat watching. This would be the CCE’s first (and last) “field trip” post showcasing subjects not found in the Copper Country.

Not our best, but this was the first video featured on CCE. Its a trip along the Osceola Poor Rock piles.

This one has got a little bit of everything – ruins, Lake Superior, sandstone cliffs, rocks, and smokestacks. Great stuff.

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  1. Great job over the last three years, Mike! Thanks back at you for all your hard work. Here’s looking forward to many more years of CCE!

  2. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Mike! It’s an awesome site, and I’m proud to be among one of the gang who check in every day to see what’s new. I may not comment all the time, but I’m reading everything and learning a lot. Keep up the great work!

  3. Happy Anniversay and may there be many more. I have been a reader for only 3 months now, but I have learned more in that 3 months than I have ever learned before. Never knew there were so many others that liked doing this kind of exploring like I do. Thanks for all the hard work, Mike.

  4. Thank you so much for this site. I am not able to visit the Copper Country much ( it has been 12 years since my last visit and 47 years since I was born there). This site with pictures and descriptions and you guys and gals doing the footwork helps me to remember why I need to make the 512 mile trip. Thank you.

  5. wow, 3yrs…seemed like it had been longer…im pretty sure i started looking at this site in ’06…

  6. Thanks for all the information you have provided for all us Copper Country fans. Every new posting is a source of new information about the area. Keep the information coming.

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Its been a fun three years and I’m looking forward to many more. This site has become a part of who I am, so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit it. (and remember I did try to once, but failed).

  8. Happy Birthday CCE!!!!!

    Your explorations and posts Keep us folks that live outside the copper country still connected to the area that we love so much. Mike, you have given me wonderful Knowledge and information that has given me and my family some priceless experiences in the copper country. Keep up the good work. Hopefully we will make it back up there early October.


  9. Happy belated birthday CCE!!!

    I can’t believe it’s only been 3 years. This is such a great site and it’s pretty rare that I don’t pop in at least once a day to learn something or refresh my memory on an old topic (much easier with the new facelift).

  10. Happy birthday, CCE! I’m proud to be one of the regulars here too. I may not visit every day, but you are one of the “favorites” that I have bookmarked and return to on a regular basis. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  11. Once again you guys and gals are great. Glad CCE has made such an impression on my fellow Copper Country lovers. I’m also glad the facelift has been a success.

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