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Welcome to the New CCE

First of all I would like to thank all of you for your patience during the last few weeks as I raced to finish the new site in time (I was only about 20 minutes late – not bad). It was a lot of work and more then a few late nights recently but the new site has finally arrived. But there’s more changes yet to come, as I began writing the site’s new daily content and start in CCE’s new direction. More about that new direction later, for right now I thought I’d give a little tour of the site’s new (and not so new) features. Let’s begin…

OLD Black Background

That’s right its back, and its here to stay. Though it has always been an issue here on CCE, I still think its the best look for this site. The photos pop much more and it brings a much more artsy fartsy feel to everything. Perhaps in the future I’ll try to add that style changer others have mentioned, but we’ll see.

NEW Drop Down Menu

I’ve been wanting to add one of these babies for years and its finally here. Here you have direct one-click access to every CCE category and tag listing, as well as easy to find contact and store options.

Exploration Menu

Here you will find a listing of each and every exploration ever conducted here on CCE (over 50 in all), organized by the five basic types we have all come to know and love: mine, mill, railroad, industry and town. You can simply select your exploration of interest from the drop-down menu (a crowd favorite) or browse through an image list. During the re-design I went back through all the posts in CCE and updated their categories, so you’ll find a few new ones on the list you might not of realized were here.

Features Menu

During the last few weeks I have went back through CCE’s 400+ posts and re-categorized several that seemed to have the same theme. The result was a few new categories that really aren’t that new at all. Of course there’s the ever popular Copper Country Scrapbook and Then & Now features, but you’ll also find the new Industrial Footprints and Copper Country Anatomy listings as well. “Footprints” are posts related to the mapping of the copper country and the ruins that remain. “Anatomy” delves deep into the nuts and bolts of mining technology and processes.

NEW Ruins Menu

Probably the most revolutionary change to CCE is the Ruins Menu. Now you can quickly find all posts from CCE relating to a specific ruin, such as a Hoist House or Shaft House. To do this I have went back through the posts and added tags to each describing what type of ruin we were exploring. Now you can browse through every “H” shaped hoist ruin all at once, or find those hard to uncover posts about mining machinery or railroad cars. Your welcome.

NEW Gallery Menu

This is my favorite addition to the site, and something I have always dreamed of adding. Gallery is a listing of (almost) every illustration, map, and panoramic that I have every created here on CCE. Each is one-click accessible, opening the map or illustration on top of the page with the Lightbox effect. You can also go directly to the post which features that map, illustration or panoramic.

It’s a great new resource but in its current form is a little raw. The organization is based on date (with the oldest first), but in the future I plan to make it alphabetical. Its also incomplete, so I’ll be adding more illustrations, maps, and panoramics every week. You’ll also notice an empty category for Videos which for some of you old timers (I’m looking at you Jay) means a return of all the videos that you may vaguely remember as being part of this site.

NEW Resources Menu

Here’s where some of the new exciting components of CCE and our new trilogy of sites come into play. Besides a link to the CCE discussion page at Copper Country Forum, you’ll also find links to the soon-to-be-added YouTube and Flickr accounts for CCE. There you’ll be able to find even more photos and videos not featured here on the site.

There is also a new listing for Bibliography, which is something many of you have asked for in the past. Here you’ll find a list of all my internet based resources that I have used to compile the site. Right now there just a very bare-bones list of resources, but I plan to add more and categorize them in the future (there just wasn’t enough time to get it done by my deadline).


Now CCE’s contact page is simply one form, from which you can both send messages and submit photos. I’m planning a big push in the next year to get even more input from all my readers, including not just photos but stories and essays as well. So this form will come in handy (it’s a little messed up to you IE users out there, so just bare with us for a few weeks while we work out the bugs).


The store is now linked directly to Copper Country Media’s on-line store. In the not-too-distant future there will be other categories open as well including T-shirts! Today you’ll find a new addition of the Pastyfest DVD, which I made several years ago.

There is also a small tease for the new CCE maps, which I’m happy to report I have finally finished. Tentatively known as “The Copper Empire Vol. I”, the map set contains over 50 (!!) printable 8.5×11 sheets detailing the mines, railroads, and industry of the Copper Country from Painesdale to Mohawk. Compiled from various archive sources including Sanborn Insurance Maps, Historical Nautical Charts, and old Topographical maps; these maps detail every shaft, hoist, boiler and support structure for over 30 mines and mill locations. It’s definitely a must-have for every copper country explorer out there, and will be available for download on April 15th.

Well that wraps up our tour of the new site. Hope everyone likes it and I hope it was worth the withdrawal pains over the last few weeks. Tomorrow the new daily (!!) posts will start and CCE will start on its fourth year. Thank you all for your support and readership and here’s to another three years (and hopefully more) of CCE!

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  1. Jay (first post!)…

    Glad you’re liking the new look, thanks!

    dcclark (close second)…

    The navigation was something I was especially keen on improving. There’s just so much information on this site that most people miss it. Hopefully now they will be able to fully appreciate everything this site has to offer.

  2. *drool*

    Printable maps? HECK yeah. I’m in.

    One strange comment… these comment boxes have a rather dim grey background — makes it feel like my screen has dimmed too much, but it isn’t that way. I know, I know, always with the complaining. :)

  3. Thank you Mike for all your hard work on this site. I’m going to spend the rest of the morning exploring the site.

  4. Speaking of shirts, QMHA is now selling shirts online & Adventure Mine has one that says “A mine is a terrible thing to waste” :D

  5. Jay…”A Mine is a terrible thing to waste”…That is classic!!!

    Dave…Yeah…pre blood and sweat stained is a problem for a black shirt….

  6. dcclark…I’ll put the gray text box issue in the suggestion box.

    jay… looks like they got the right idea on the T-shirts. I’ll have to come up with cool catchy saying of my own for sure… (suggestions are welcome of course)

    Jim… Your welcome, and thanks for the great compliment. Hop you had fun exploring the site!

    Bill.. Glad you enjoy the site, we tried to take it to the next level and I think we might of pulled it off. If the only real benefit is the navigation then we succeeded I think

  7. Crestview????? Wasn’t that just someones bad dream or something like that.

    Nice redo Mike, you have out done yourself, can’t wait to get a little time to sit and explore

  8. Only one complaint: The captions under the photos is black. Not exactly the easiest thing to read on a dark gray background.

    Maybe you could make it the same color as the regular text but just a little smaller or mayber italicize it.

    Beyond that I love the new look & the navigation is great!!! I’m finding things I haven’t seen in a long time (being an old-timer ya know).

  9. Adam, BillK, and Gordy…

    Thanks for the compliments and I’m glad you all enjoy.

    Obviously I got to get on those Crestview T-shirts. Perhaps I should make some up and then go out and wear them on excursions (preferably to crestview). I can then make my way through the thickest and nastiest underbrush and let them get all ripped to shreds.

    As an added bonus, I can also make sure to do it on a hot day and get them all stained up with sweat. Then I can sell them off without washing them first….I’d make millions! :)

  10. Jay…

    The caption text is a known issue and is not suppose to be that way. Just haven’t got around to fixing it yet. But I’ll get on it…. (cranky old-timer!)

  11. Thanks you whipper-snapper!!! :D

    Speaking of Crestview shirts, I just picked up Clarence Monette’s “Keweenaw Central & Crestview Resort” book from the library….and there’s actually pictures in there of Crestview!!! To my surprise, it doesn’t look anything like the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

    In all seriousness, it’s amazing what they could do with Photoshop back in the early 1900’s.

  12. … back then, Jay, it was Ye Olde Photo Shoppe. Just a guy with an airbrush and a good eye.

    In seriousness, if I forgot to say it, great redesign Mike. I’m looking forward to wandering around the new site. :)

  13. CCE is by far the most enjoyable and informative web site I have ever visited. Of course the Keweenaw mine and railroad info is my top obsession, but the other industry coverage lke Atlas and Stella is also fascinating.

  14. I just had an idea for a shirt…the C&H logo. The company is long out of business and trademarks expire after ten years if they’re not in use.

    Just a thought…

  15. Rob and Jeff…

    Thanks you guys for more great compliments. I’m glad your enjoying and I hope I can continue to post the type of information that keeps you guys dropping by!


    Interesting thought, though the legal implications would be interesting. I’ll have to look into it.

  16. The Houghton County Museum has a t-shirt for the train ride with the old C&H emblem and around the outside of the emblem they have Torch Lake & Lake Linden Railroad.

    Mike I sent an email yesterday with a photo in case your spam filters do the job properly and stop it.

  17. Hmmmmmm, didn’t have the coffee cup when I was there a couple years ago. Next time I am up, have to get a couple more shirts.
    I would be happy with the shirt even if it didn’t have the Museums railroad name, nice big C&H on the back side

  18. Yep, that’s what I was thinking. It would be cooler if it didn’t have the railroad name, but really cool nonetheless.

    If you go to their website you can download a catalog from the bookstore link. Cool stuff.

  19. You should you compile a map showing all the mines of the Copper Country, their names, dates, etc. and what ever you have about them.

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