Eliza Creek Mystery

Eliza Creek in late summer

Just a mile or so east of Owl Creek and the Copper Falls Mine flows another mountain stream meandering off the peaks above Eagle Harbor towards the big lake. This is Eliza Creek, and it flows down through the Madison Gap that separates Copper Falls Ridge from the peaks further east. Along the way it runs past some early mine sites before being damed at Eliza Pond. (a dam soon to be removed). Between its banks are not only crystal clear waters but also artifacts from a time gone by.

Exploring Eliza creek soon after our experience at Copper Falls, we stumbled across numerous artifacts littered among the rocks and muddy banks. Some of these artifacts were more trash then treasure, but a few larger objects caught our eye. These were large forged machine parts, but from what type of machine we couldn’t tell. Our theory that they must be from a machine from an old mine – washed down to where we found them by a spring flood. Either way, they were a mystery that we hope someone else can solve.

a mystery item scattered along Eliza creek

another mystery item, similar to the first

a last piece, this one obviously a door to something
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  1. This seems interesting. Next time i’m at my cabin i’ll check this out. What i’d like to do in my life time though, is the explore into the shafts and some of the mines. Especially Copper Falls. I wonder is the area around Owl Creek safe to walk on and explore or is there a danger in colapse?

  2. I did hike up and down Eliza creek from eagle harbor rd. Beautiful stretch of river, and the geology was amazing. Just south of the bridge there was a small water fall and a nice sized pool with a few good sized brookies. I hiked about 1/2 down to Eliza pond. Great afternoon.

  3. Loved walking this creek as well. It was a bit choked up with debris further upstream, but like you said the geology was amazing. Didn’t go downstream though, I suppose I should in the future.

  4. a ways south of the bridge there was a giant flat chunk of sand stone taking up the entire riverbed.. maybe 20ft x 30ft.. is was at a good 45 degrees.. very slippery.. I had to hop off the river to get around.

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