Changing gears from the northern “border-town” atmosphere of Mohawk, we move further south to the valley. That would be the Portage Valley, now the heart of the Keweenaw. The twin cities of Houghton and Hancock straddle the Portage shipping canal – long home to one of the most lively and busy ports in all of Michigan. Of course that was then, this is now.

The shipping port has long since been abandoned, but the booming metropolis that it created still lives. Thanks partly to Michigan Tech on the Houghton side, and Finlandia on the Hancock side, economic development continues to this day here. So much so that after traveling through the small and quiet towns of Calumet and Laurium you feel like you hit a time warp as you descend down Quincy hill. Modern civilization, in all its fast-food / strip-mall / condominium glory.

Taking it all in as a Panoramic image, we set our camera up on a small ridge behind the Middle School where we have visited before here on Explorer. Today, however, we take a much closer and detailed look. View Panoramic >

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