From the Alleyways (p2)

One of the more interesting structures in Calumet, the old Red Jacket Fire Station, glows a fiery red in the morning sun.

Natural light was a precious commodity in building design before electric lights. Not only were buildings graced with large windows, but the basement as well had a wealth of window openings to let in light. Today, however, these windows are a place for heat to escape and are boarded up quickly.

These barred windows look like they belong in a modern city, not the quiet streets of Calumet. Originally these windows looked out to the wall of a large warehouse here.

View of the 7th street school from the alley, one of 22 schools in the surrounding communities at the height of the Calumet Metropolis. Now vacant, may soon be turned into more senior / low income housing.

A little gem discovered facing the alley, a small stained glass window on the back of the Croatian church (I think)

More glass insulators that once served power to these buildings still sits unbroken over an old window.

An attention to detail in the windows of an old building on Oak Street as seen from the alley.

Beautiful sandstone flanked by an ugly addition (complete with green shingles) as seen from behind 6th street.

An old advertisement on the side of the Vertin Bros building on the corner of Oak and 6th. Reads: “Vertin’s Department Store Since 1885 Headquarters for Lee Overalls”
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