A Metropolitan View

Calumet (and the surrounding communities) once supported over 30,000 people. Now they support less than 3000. While technically a village, Calumet could easily of been much more. In fact, walking down the streets and alleyways of the village you quickly get a sense of how metropolitan Calumet once was. The whispers of this legacy can still be heard along the streets and within the buildings that still stand today. Take some time to give Calumet a good look and you will find a new appreciation for the village that was once a metropolis, as did I.

a view down Oak Street, St. Paul’s in the background

the old Red Jacket fire station (built before Calumet was Calumet) flanked by an old Pillsbury Flour ad on Shutes Bar

Shutes Bar, not taken from behind the Red Jacket Fire station across the street

a look at the 1st National Bank building (now Range Bank) on Oak Street from the alley across the road

a sampling of building materials (brick and sandstone) on the rear of buildings along 6th street

the State Farm Building along 5th street behind the Republic Bank building

the Redding building on 6th street as seen from the alley

one last look at the Red Jacket Fire station (it deserves all the attention it can get)
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  1. Hello.
    I wonder if any one out there can shed some light a business that was once part of Calumet’s past. I have an old picture of one of the copper mines. On the back of the picture it is stamped Northland Studios Calumet Mich. Can anyone tell me when Northland Studios was in business, and where it was located? I would appreciate any help.

  2. Bill – I’m afraid that I can’t be much help, but hopefully someone on this site could be. I’ve looked around the Digital Archives and CC Reflections but found no mention of the business. If I ever run into anything, I’ll be sure to let you know!

  3. Northland Studio, owned by Tony Kowacic, was located in the vicinity of 107 5th Street. It was still in existance in 1973 (according to a High School yearbook ad). I remember it being there from the 1950’s.

  4. I live in the old Kowacic homestead on the corner of 6th and SR 41. When we (my husband and I) moved into the house, there were a lot of old pictures taken by the son who was the photographer that started the before mentioned studio. I am sure that there are many pictures around the area taken by him, but it was cool to hear of someone out there that has one.

  5. Those photographs sound like a great find, and I’m sure held shed some light on the area’s rich history. I’m curious as to what you did with them and if you still have them. I think It would be something to digitize them and get them preserved on a DVD or CD. Do you know what era those photographs were taken? We seem to have a lot of material from around the turn of the century but not much Depression era on I have noticed.

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